1. Learning culture
  2. Long life education
    The special objectives of Cambridge International School of Al Falah Darussalam are:
    • Students master basic sciences
    • Students have independence
    • Students can have good morals in their daily life
    • Students can have good social behavior
    • Students are smart, creative, innovative and cheerful
    • Students have the ability to read well
    • Students master life skills
    • Students master the recitation of the Al Quran properly and correctly
    • Students carry out obligatory prayers and sunnah only because of Allah SWT
    • Students can have high gratitude to Allah SWT
    • Students have great curiosity
    • Trustworthy, smart, sociable, good at seeing and taking advantage of opportunities, dare to take risks, and make the right decisions
    • Honest and responsible
    • Clever, high morale, creative, physically and mentally healthy

The general education objectives of Cambridge International School Al Falah Darussalam are to build: